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November Rain

dove AngelEyes Free Reminder Service.

If you also forget birthdays, dentist dates, vet appointments, business meetings, car registration dates, gig dates..... Well, this service is for you. It's does not cost a thing, and saves you the embarrasment of forgetting an important date.

  • This reminder service is FREE!
  • Simply fill out the form and we will remind you by e-mail on the day you specify.
  • Reminder messages are transmitted at 00h30 GMT.
  • (The fields in bold are mandatory).
  • Need help? See the Reminder Help Page for details.
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Reminder processing provided with compliments by Candor Webtech.

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This background set was made Exclusively for AngelEyes Card Shoppe
Please do not copy or use without my permission. Thank you so much.
I would like to thank Bev of Moon & Back Graphics for making this
beautiful set for me. Please click on the link above to visit her wonderful
site......Thank you so much, Bev:))