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AngelEyes & Francine's ICQ Greetings #1

All of the poetry used here was written by Francine.
Her poetry is copyrighted, please do not copy without her
written permission. Thank you:)

General Expressions
Heaven's Music
The Colors of Friendship
~ God's Rainbow ~
Wonder Of It All
Tooth Fairies Arrive
Granny's Computer(Cartoon)
The Toy Shopper
On The Wings Of Love
Heavenly Tea Party
Celebrating Dad
Purple Mountains Majesty
Lighting The Path
Heavely Sounds
Heaven's Portal
Valley of Longing
Touching The Past
My Dream World
Footsteps In The Sand
Gone Fishin!
Let Us Not Forget
Listen To Your Heart
Joyous Love
Butterflies And Daisies
Secrets Of The Sea
Lady In White
Angel Kisses
Arbor Of Love
Reflections In Time
Moon Dance
Path Home
Waiting For Loves Return
Grey Elk
His Sacred Smile
Love Is Secure
Heart Is Near
His Children
Heaven's Crown
King Of Kings
Jesus In The Garden
Path To Forever
Precious In His Sight
Showers Of Blessings
Hallowed Be Thy Name
Touched By An Angel
New Arrivals
Welcoming Angel
Where God And Man Meet
Reaching For The Heights
The Power Of Love
Wonders Never Cease
Stairway To Heaven
Earth's Rewards
A Peaceful Prayer
My Fall Home
Spirit of Autumn
Fall's Treasure
Nature's Little Helper
Now I Lay Me Down To Sleep
Angel's Wings
Showing The Way
Welcome To Heaven
Soaring With Angels
Forever Near
Peaceful Journey
The Lord Weeps
The Angels Sing
Welcome To My Heart
Doing It My Way(Cartoon)
Figment of My Imagination

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