AngelEyes & Francine's ICQ Greetings #2

All of the poetry used here was written by Francine.
Her poetry is copyrighted, please do not copy without her
written permission. Thank you:)

Like A Moth To Flames
Another Time Another Place
How Could This Happen
My Heart's Journey
In The Shadows
Sharing The Good Times
You Are The One
Waves Of Serenity
Building Bridges
For The Little Ones
Through My Eyes
A Garden Angel
To The Moon And Back Again
The Cleansing
My Mother Is My Treasure
When You Need Me
My Grandma ~ My Heart
Days Gone By
Lazy Summer Nights
Love's Shadows
Smoke Signals
A Cautious Heart
Guarding My Heart
My Worlds Unite
Eternal Love
Revisiting The Past
Winter's Beauty
July The Fourth 2004
The Passing Storm
Gentle Whispers!
Land Of Enchantment
The Glow Of Hope
Love Renewed
Spirit In The Wind
Heart Of Love
Be My Love
At Home With Nature
The Edge Of The World
The Wind In My Face
Do You Know Me?
I'm Yours
Memories Of My Mother
Hello Mom?
Memories Of My Sister
A Salute On High
In Honor of Columbine
A Love Song
Within Your Heart
Angel Watching Overhead
A Tea Party
Hi Mom
Streams Of Love
The Masterpiece
Sending To You
Love's Memories
Angel Lights Your Way

A Mother's Love

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