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AngelEyes & Francine's ICQ Greetings #2

All of the poetry used here was written by Francine.
Her poetry is copyrighted, please do not copy without her
written permission. Thank you:)

Puppy Love

Dream Castles

Midnight Adventure

Come And Play With Me

Dog Day Afternoon

Dolphin World

Who ME?


Sharing The Love

Arms Of An Angel

Welcome To My Kitchen

Showers of Love

What Happened??????

Fear Not

Living Waters

Love's Soft Touch

Heaven's Brightest Star

Rainy Afternoon

Pedal, Pedal, Pedal!! (for Olympics)
Forever Kind Of Friends
Parting The Shadows
Peaceful Place
School Days, School Days
Welcome...Join Me?
Autumn's Glory
Moonlight & Magic?
Heavenly Thoughts Of You
Joy Angel
Heavenly Thoughts Of You (With Cloud Applet)
Thunder of Hoofbeats
Autumn In My Heart
Woodland Wonderland
Sense of Wonder
Sept. 11, 2001
The Day The World Cried
Sept. 11, 2001
With Courage In Their Hearts
God Bless The USA
He Understands
Proud To Be An American
Angel's Touch
~ Forever ~ In God's Hands

And Jesus Wept

Have You Heard The Latest?

Some Gave All

The Little Princess

Glimpse OF The Future

The Castle of Dreams

Some Dreams Come True

Winter Dreams

Happy Hanukkah

Wish Upon A Star

Honey Bears

You Caught Me

Just Relaxing

You Make Me Feel So Blest

This Place Is Jumping

Land of The Free

Thrill of Discovery

Between Two Worlds

Thunder On The Mountain

Hearts Entwined

My Heart Is In Your Hands

Call Of The Wild

Prints On My Heart

Song Of My Life

The Song In My Heart

FRED Remembers Valentine's Day

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