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Reverence Of Love
~In reverence and beauty
This Goddess of the Land
Walks the earth's magnificence
A part of nature's plan
To kiss the trees of nature
To feel the warmth of air
To place within her special hand
A love that can't compare
Oh beauty of all wonders
This Goddess of great might
Surrounded by the beauty
In elegance beams light
Walk in all her splendor
Hold her love in flight
Clinging to her captivates
A reverence of this sight
Within the earth the beauty sings
These melodies of life
Join with her in harmony
In nature's pure delight
Walk with her in beauty
Step softly on this land
Her gift for your tomorrow
A place where hearts command
The magnificence of nature
Touched by one who cares
A Goddess of all beauty
With eloquence she shares.~

~ Francine ~ original 99

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