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I Believe I Can Fly



John F. Kennedy Jr. 1960-1999

Carolyn Bessette Kennedy 1966-1999
and Lauren Bessette 1965-1999

"If the Kennedys are indeed America's "royal family," as
they have been described, then John F. Kennedy Jr. was
the reluctant crown prince. Kennedy was a celebrity even
before his birth and spent his entire life under public
scrutiny. Born on November 25, 1960, just weeks after his
father's presidential election victory, he was the first
child born to a U.S. president-elect. As an infant, Kennedy was
known as "John-John" -- a nickname mistakenly given to him
by a reporter who misheard a conversation."


On July 16,1999, tradegy struck the Kennedy Family again.
John Kennedy Jr.'s plane was reported missing with himself,
his wife and sister-in-law on board. On July 21, 1999
the wreckage of John Kennedy's plane was found along
with his body. Later that day, his wife, Carolyn Bessette
Kennedy and sister-in-law's, Lauren Bessette
bodies were located. May God Bless them and their families.
This page and poems below are in Memory of the Kennedy's
and the Bessette's.

I would like to thank Beverly for sending me the poem that
she wrote also. Please do copy it without her permission....


~A Salute On High~

~A boy of three standing at Mother's side
As Daddy's cortege passes by
She stoops down and takes his book
The nation paused to take a look
This child of three turned toward the man
And lifted up his little hand
He gave a salute for all to remember
This baby boy so warm and tender
His Daddy passing through the street
I wonder what this baby thinks
A great man fallen to the ground
With sorrow and grief a nation bound
As years did pass he grew up to be
The man we wanted most to see
Always had to share his life
Whether wrong or whether right
But graciously he accepted all
And joked and played with every call
Such hope we had for this small child
Who endured so much to survive
To be the man with grace and style
The smile that always could beguile
So now this man has lost his life
On a dark and dreary night
His mother led him to the land
Where all his family were at hand
All were filled with so much pride
John John now was at their side
So on the day that he was lost
With others too ~ the highest cost
He saw his Mother in the sky
Father right there by her side
He lifted up his hand and grinned
I salute you Dad new life begins
And now they're walking side by side
John introduced his lovely bride
Her sister too is joined once more
By family who had gone before
So as they all fell from the sky
An angel sent by God to fly
To bring their souls to heaven's gate
Where all did meet to celebrate
So fly free spirits in the sky
Salute the day with twinkling eye
And think of us here down below
Remember how we loved you so
Memories of love gone by
Will linger on with life on high
Add another star so bright
To help us through out darkest nights
Goodnight Sweet Prince Rest in Peace
Your memory is ours to keep~

~ Francine ~ original 2000



By: Beverly Vick 1999

Who was John John and why did America love him so?

Maybe its because we watched him grow.
We watched him frolic to and fro.
He touched our hearts and our souls.
His triumphs made us all glow.

That beloved son we all treasured so becames John the man
with a beautiful wife and a wonderful life.
A shining beacon of light, hope and promise that now shall remain forever untold.

Like his father hew was taken from us and once again our eyes weep and
hearts they ache so.

For your life we thnak Gold all Mighty.
We will see you again on that day of no more sorrow.

Now we must say good night John, our sweet Prince, Our
beloved American son. Not good bye, just goodnight until that great tomorrow.


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