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Message From A Soldier

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Message From A Soldier
~I am a lonely soldier
I fought in many wars
I gave my life for all my friends
I did it for a cause
I had so many dreams in life
But now they've gone away
My family they remember me
Just constantly they pray
They place a wreath upon my grave
They speak of what I've done
My body lies within this tomb
I am America's son
I tried to do the best I could
To fight for freedom's cause
I prayed that I would save the day
Forever was my loss
I made this special sacrifice
So you could all live free
I am an American soldier
My life a victory
So now when you remember me
I want you all to know
I appreciate this day you give
It's pride that makes me glow
I was proud to serve my country
Proud to die for peace
Proud to be the biggest part
Of the freedom our life speaks
I really did not want to die
I had to save a friend
I did this to protect his life
This honor I defend
So as I lie here in my grave
I hear the soldier's march
Timed in step to fight their best
American's own heart
The colors that I wore for you
I wear them in my grave
The medals spread across my chest
They make my soul ablaze
I'm proud to be an American
My soul in peaceful place
Remember on this special day
A soldier's blessed in peace
My heart is still there is no beat
This love I had sincere
I fought for peace and honor too
My colors were Red White and Blue
So think of me as years do pass
Remember what I say
I'm proud to be an American
I served the U.S.A

~ God Bless All Our Soldiers ~

~ Francine ~ original 99'~

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