Griffiths Senior Center Black Diamond


With courage and with honor
They came from all around
Wearing hearts upon their sleeves
With dedication bound

Troops of angels gathered
Their wings on earth expand
Sacrificing life and limb
To help their fellowman

Every single one of them
With hands extended forth
Showing such emotion
With tears in eyes they fought

Risking every danger
No fear as they stood tall
Each one in life a human chain
Creating strongest wall

Reaching in the darkness
To try to set those free
Trapped within the rubble
They fought this fight fiercely

Danger loomed around them
They fought with all their might
To bring each one to safety
To flash a guiding light

Hearts of those who answered
Screams of fear were heard
Giving hands that show the world
Love's chain of life anchored

To every man and woman
Who had so much to give
To those who died courageously
In honor did they live

How can we ever thank them
Brave Hearts that shine so true
Giving up their greatest gift
With breath in life they drew

Hearts of love are gathered
Within our special prayers
Heroes of unspoken words
Each one of you revered.

All of you who helped us
On this dark and bleakest day
Each one of you live in our hearts
Your names won't fade away

Remembrances treasured
With battle fought fiercely
Brought forth with such honor
Your badge of bravery

Upon the clouds of heaven
Brave spirits now arrive
With them a host of Seraphim
Brought to God with pride

Come to Me My Children
Your souls now in My Hands
Your light will shine a beacon
That sparkles on the Land.

Francine Pucillo
©used with permission


This is a dedication to all of our Firemen, Police Officers, EMS,
and our Military.......God Bless all of you......

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