Griffiths Senior Center Black Diamond


Loyal proud and steadfast
With colors that are free
Fight for all that's precious
We stand for liberty

Soldiers of this country
Each branch served reverently
With every single battle
They rise so valiantly

Door of freedom opened
With right to speak your mind
Salutes we give this nation
By God they are designed

Land of precious mountains
Upon the tallest peak
The Eagle's talons grasping
His nesting place unique

Flying high within the sky
This freedom in our sight
With wings that span an ocean
Magnificence in flight

People of all nations
They come here to be free
With glory and with honor
We accept their right to be

Fear will never find us
Our spirit never breaks
No matter what you do to us
Each day we will awake

Glory in our honor
So proud to be so blest
With glory of this nation
We'll never be oppressed

Standing proud of this day
Or any day to come
No terrorists will scare us
We've never had to run

Within their hidden places
They stage their biggest fight
Cunningly they go forth
Like cowards they will strike

We are not defeated
Nor ever will we be
We stand up and we're counted
Our faces you will see

So proud to show the colors
Stand tall for what they say
The flag of loyal Nation
God Bless The USA.

Francine Pucillo
©Written Exclusively for AngelEyes Card Shoppe


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