Griffiths Senior Center Black Diamond


All of us together
To fight for liberty
Walking in the steps of
The glory that will be

Every branch of service
Each woman and each man
Leaves a mighty footprint
Upon a foreign land

I pray that God protects them
Keeps them in His care
In every land they travel
Our hearts will all be there

The Army and the Navy
Special Forces too
Marines and Air force bravely
Defend our home for you

So bow your heads in honor
When Eagle spreads his wings
In glory of this nation
For Freedom they will bring

Praise be to the forces
You join this big brigade
All friends and every nation
With friendships we have made

Keep you light upon them
So the eagle flies once more
Without a tear to fall down
On skies, the land or shores

Eagle now has landed
With song of our anthem
The gift of God's creation
That glorifies free-man.

Francine Pucillo
©Written Exclusively for AngelEyes Card Shoppe


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