Love Renewed

The clouds are painted in the sky
The mist now gently set
The flowers such a special gift
They give the heart such rest

The trees are so majestic
The land that is endowed
With wonder of all beauty
Your spirit now has bowed

Walking in the midst of this
A Goddess sets in flight
A bird of gentle beauty
Released to heaven's light

Life will then go forth from
This gentle loving hand
Fly across the sky of bliss
Kiss the heaven's land

Carry on in beauty
With the harmony of flight
Capture all the gentle love
That comes within your sight

Take the love and bring it forth
With Incandescent light
Bring forth all the flowers
That fill the earth so bright

Softly blow the breezes
With the colors from above
See the land just come alive
With special harmony of love

Beauty in this spectacle
Of life that we can see
Gift that we all choose to have
With perfect harmony.

~ Francine ~ original 2000


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