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At night his Mommy kissed him
Tucked him into bed
As he smiled he closed his eyes
She kissed him on the head

Whispered pleasant dreams now
He gently turned to side
See you in the morning
In his sleep he sighed

Dreaming he awakened
To sky that was so blue
Filled with stars so beautiful
His eyes were wide from view

Off into a distance
White bird was there in flight
Gentle Man of Beauty
Was shining in Dove's Light

The little boy looked towards Him
Walked with so much glee
Knew this Man was special
Felt love so naturally

Smiling when he reached Him
The boy said "who are you"
The Man said "I am Jesus"
Oh yes, my Mom knows You

She tells me that You watch me
You're with me every day
He smiled at him and whispered
I love to hear you pray

Jesus can you pick me up
I want to see Your Face
So I can tell my Mommy
First thing when I awake

Picked him up and held him
The child was filled with awe
Jesus said your special
Each day I love you more

The boy he hugged Him gently
Looked into His eyes
I can't wait to tell mommy
I know she'll be surprised

Jesus said "I love you"
Be sweet and kind and good
Every day you're on this earth
My Heart is understood

Each one of you my children
So innocent and small
I love you all with tenderness
With love that touches all

The little boy He kissed Him
Jesus held him tight
Said "I love my children"
They're always in my sight

Jesus starting walking
With little boy in Hands
Left the gates of heaven
To bring Him back to land

Placed him on his pillow
Covered him with love
Gently whispered "sleep my child"
I'll watch you from above

In the morning when he woke up
There upon his bed
The whitest sparkling feather
Right next to his head

Took his special feather
Placed in his treasure chest
As he closed the little box
He knew that he was blest

Every day with happiness
He looks into the sky
Catches glimpse of Jesus
Smiling from on high

Of all his special treasures
The one he loves the best
The gift of love he gathered
As quietly he slept.
~ Francine ~ original 2001

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This beautiful set came from Moon & Back Graphics made with the breathtaking
art of Danny Hahlbohm. To see more of Mr. Hahlbohm or Bev's graphics sets,
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The midi playing is called "Dreams"
By Margi Harrell

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