Griffiths Senior Center Black Diamond


Floral gifts from heaven 
You see before your eyes 
An angel filled with beauty 
That heaven can't disguise 

Always there to greet you 
With flower placed in hand 
Love that's sent with beauty 
All across the land 

Precious love and thoughtfulness 
This angel now will show 
Wishing you all kinds of joy 
With gentleness sweet glow 

Place of home so perfect 
Where dearest Angel lives 
Always brings such happiness 
With love that always gives 

Follow wings of special grace 
Showing you the way 
Sending love in many words 
This gentleness portrays 

Every day a greeting 
With love a great big sigh 
Brings a smile of happiness 
With love from Angeleyes. 

~ Francine Pucillo ~ original 2001


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