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The Lord Weeps

I cry for you My Children
I cry for all the pain
The world is in such turmoil
My Heart does still remain
I want you to be happy
I want love to expand
Not only in one nation
But all across the land
I want to hold you closely
To bring you to My Heart
To let you know I Love You
That's where it all must start

You must believe in Heaven
You must believe in tears
You must believe I care for you
So this for you to hear
I weep for you My children
I weep for all the land
In sadness I enfold you
I reach out with My hand
Take this gift I offer
Give it back to Me
I promise you My Children
These tears I cry for Thee
Hold on to compassion
Love your fellowman
Let not the earth destroy a heart
For it was My great plan
Shed your tears for others
In this life you'll gain
I promise you My Heaven
Where flowers are the rain.

Francine Pucillo
original 2000






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