Griffiths Senior Center Black Diamond

Your Number One
~Are you searching for an angel
We'll I'm the one for you
With shiny brand new halo
I'll tell you what to do

Before you go to sleep at night
Look up in the sky
You'll see a special twinkling light
A message from on high

You need me to be next to you
No problem I can fly
My wings are pretty new at this
But I'll give it my best try

If I need a little rest
I'll nap upon a cloud
You'll be my very best of friends
Believe me you'll be proud

I have to get these wings to work
I'm new at this you know
But if you give me just a chance
My halo sure will glow

So here I come I'm landing
Wherever you might be
Opps excuse me if we bump
You'll know for sure it's me

Forever I will be your friend
My love comes naturally.~

~ Francine ~ original 2001

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Graphics by Penny Parker

This beautiful set came from Penny's Place.
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